RIYT at AWP 2024

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AWP is early this year, it’ll be the second weekend in February as opposed to the usual second weekend in March and we’re definitely feeling the time crunch! Of course some of that crunch is self-induced: we’re open for submissions this month (send us your full length collections!!) and our newest collection was published (Brilliant Little Body  by Brett Elizabeth Jenkinsand our next collection is available for pre-order (Midlife Abecedarian by Melissa Fite Johnson). Our to-do list right now is a bit insane…but this is how it goes when you’re a one-woman press.

If you’re attending AWP this year, we hope to see you. We’ll be at the book fair, Table T1615. Several of our authors will be attending and will be signing their books. Here’s the signing schedule:

We also have an offsite reading, this year we’re partnering with Small Harbor Publishing and our reading will be Saturday, 10 February at 7pm at Blip Roasters, a super cool coffee shop / motorcycle shop. We have an amazing lineup and we hope to see you there!

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