Where the Water Begins by Kimberly Casey


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Where the Water Begins refers to the origin, the root, the remembering of the incident itself while understanding the fluidity of memory. Where the water begins asks where we started, where we first learned about loss, where we inherited our grieving processes from, where our forefathers and foremothers learned from, and what we may unconsciously carry in the currents of our blood. Who were you before this troubling event? What within the core of you changed? If you could go back to the root, would you? Or, is your memory of your past self also inaccurate, fluid, making you homesick for a time that never exists, for a you that never was?

About the author:

Kimberly Casey was born and raised in Massachusetts, though she now calls Huntsville, Alabama home. She is the Founder and President of Out Loud Huntsville, a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring community outreach and activism through written and spoken word. She received her MFA from Pacific University in 2021. Kimberly was a member and coach of the Out Loud HSV Slam Team from 2017-2019. Kimberly has competed at Southern Fried, CUPSI, Texas Grand Slam, and performed at venues across the country. She hosts and organizes a wide array of literary events such as youth poet meet-ups, storytelling events, workshops on craft, performance workshops, and more. She is the Editor for the Out Loud HSV: A Year in Review anthology. 

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