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I am super excited to announce that Riot in Your Throat has signed our first poet! We’ll be publishing GREEN, by Melissa Fite Johnson, in May 2021!

GREEN is a collection of poetry that tell the story of loss: loss of a father stolen by disease, loss of innocence. And while it could easily stop there this collection doesn’t. Instead, it gathers strength and finds its voice and its fight. With wonder and awe and some well-placed anger, we see these poems emerge on the other side with a bit of hope and even happiness.

Melissa Fite Johnson’s first collection, While the Kettle’s On (Little Balkans Press, 2015) won the Nelson Poetry Book Award and is a Kansas Notable Book. She is also the author of A Crooked Door Cut into the Sky, winner of the 2017 Vella Chapbook Award (Paper Nautilus Press, 2018). Her poems have appeared in Pleiades, SWWIM, Whale Road Review, Broadsided Press, and elsewhere. Melissa teaches English in Lawrence, Kansas, where she and her husband live with their three dogs. Follow Melissa on Twitter [].

Riot in Your Throat is so excited to welcome Melissa into the press family and to share this collection with the world. We think you’ll love it.

Green is now available for pre-order at the sale price of $10. Order your copy today!

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