We believe in poetry that punches you in the gut and refuses to be quiet.

Riot in Your Throat began as an idea during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 when Courtney LeBlanc found herself teleworking 100% of the time and struggling to keep herself sane and engaged. With a goal of focusing on fierce, feminist voices, she launched Riot in Your Throat in 2021.

New release in December 1, 2022:

All Possible Histories by Sonia Greenfield

All Possible Histories is a collection of poems that explore what could have been: ghosts have the ability to tell their side of the story, children shed the labels that bind them, mothers and daughters re-make their relationships, beloved pets never die. With poignant deft, this collection takes the reader on a journey of what might have happened and then returns them to the here and now, grateful not all alternative realities come true.

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