We believe in poetry that punches you in the gut and refuses to be quiet.

Riot in Your Throat began as an idea during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 when Courtney LeBlanc found herself teleworking 100% of the time and struggling to keep herself sane and engaged. With a goal of focusing on fierce, feminist voices, she launched Riot in Your Throat in 2021.

Available for pre-order! Books will ship late December 2023:

Brilliant Little Body by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins

Brilliant Little Body is a collection of poems that tell the story of survival, of the blessing—and the curse—of being a poet, of seeking love and getting your heart shattered instead. These poems dive into a poet’s beginning and every stone that builds a life, some of them hard-earned, some of them crumbling. Jenkins owns the body in this collection—every gorgeous flaw and every brilliant blemish. She claims every mistake and misstep, but she doesn’t apologize. Instead, she possesses them, tucks them close to her skin, and wears them like a tattoo. This collection is brave and fierce, with enough humor to balance the tears you’ll find leaking out of your eyes without even realizing you were crying.

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