We believe in poetry that punches you in the gut and refuses to be quiet.

Riot in Your Throat began as an idea during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 when Courtney LeBlanc found herself teleworking 100% of the time and struggling to keep herself sane and engaged. With a goal of focusing on fierce, feminist voices, she launched Riot in Your Throat in 2021.

Available for pre-order! Books will ship late June 2024:

Little Deaths by Shilo Niziolek

Little Deaths is a collection of poems that provide the reader with insight into loss: of love, of stories never told, of the dogs who become so much more than simple pets. The poems don’t end there however, they carry the reader forward, into a place where grief grows and blossoms, and eventually blooms into something more—healing and hope. Without ever tipping over into sentimentality, Shilo Niziolek weaves poems that will make you simultaneously weep with sorrow and then step outside barefoot and tremble in awe at the absurdity and beauty of living. This collection shows us what real love looks like and how once a dog  or person has burrowed into your heart, you’ll never ever want it any other way.

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